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December 2014
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  Safe Home for Life reforms – timely help for families

Legal Aid NSW will act early to assist families in contact with the care and protection system for the first time.

Photo: A Care Partners training day marks the beginning of a new phase in collaboration amongst legal service providers. Read more

More help with everyday problems in The Shire
Legal Aid NSW is expanding its civil law services at the Sutherland office to help people with common legal problems. Read more
Only days before Port Macquarie opens
Port Macquarie is set to become a regional hub for legal aid services. Read more
Find a panel lawyer online
The Find a panel lawyer search on the Legal Aid NSW website has new features. Read more
Annual Report 2013-2014 shows a record year for Legal Aid NSW
Legal Aid NSW has delivered over a million services in civil, family and criminal law last financial year. Read more
New director of criminal law appointed
Richard Funston has been appointed to lead the Criminal Law Division of Legal Aid NSW. Read more
Panel lawyer news
Changes to civil law fee scale
A simplified fee scale is clearer and more transparent. Read more
Understanding changes to the Bail Act 2013
Training sessions will be held throughout December 2014. Read more
Communicating with clients in custody
Clients who are in custody must now call their lawyer directly. Read more
Changes to domestic violence evidence rules
Victims of domestic violence will no longer have to front up at court to give evidence in New South Wales. Read more
Meeting the Legal Aid NSW means test
How much can someone earn and still pass the Legal Aid NSW means test? Read more
Specialist Barrister Panel
The Legal Aid NSW Specialist Barrister Panel (Criminal Appellate Matters) reopens for applications. Read more
New practice standards
Practice standards have been revised for the Legal Aid NSW Specialist Barrister Panel (Criminal Appellate Matters). Read more
Grants Online tip: How much is my client’s contribution?
The Grants Online File Enquiry function has vital information, including the amount of your client’s contribution. Read more
Community legal education and resources
Borrowers beware
A partnership project will send an important message to vulnerable older people in migrant communities. Read more
Webinars for community workers
Webinars this month cover Fines and WDOs, Domestic Violence reforms and Police powers. Read more
Explaining the indictable appeals process
A new resource explains the indictable appeals process and how to apply for legal aid. Read more
Discrimination Toolkit (3rd edition)
A toolkit guides you to making a discrimination complaint. Read more
Courses and conferences
LawAccess visit on 10 December
Visit LawAccess NSW - the triage service for members of the community seeking legal help. Read more

Most Legal Aid NSW training courses are open to private lawyers, Community Legal Centre and Aboriginal Legal Service staff plus other partner agencies free of charge.

Details of all Legal Aid conferences and training courses are listed on the Learning Management System

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